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You want a change.

A career with an upward  trajectory and great benefits.

Being an immigrant is hard, away for your comfort zone, your best people but yet you must do well and make the journey worth it.

Wanting a change in your career in this new environment is a natural next-step, but how do you find the time to commit, get practical experience and feel supported after....

At  Productt Manual Academy, we are committed to empowering and diversifying the landscape of product management by providing a customized learning experience tailored to the unique journeys of aspiring product managers, with a particular focus on individuals from Black and Women of Color communities immigrating to Canada.

Our mission is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment where every aspiring product manager, regardless of background, can access top-notch education, resources, and mentorship. We strive to break down barriers, amplify diverse voices, and bridge the gap in representation within the product management field

That being said, we understand that the journey to a successful career in product management and the tech industry can be very confusing, intimidating and overwhelming.


That's why our team of experts are here to guide you through every step of your transition, providing you with the one on one  support, knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to thrive in this rapidly evolving field.

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Our Story

Hello, I'm Barbara Arisekola, a recently endorsed Forbes Blk member and  a double nominee for Innovation and Mentorship Award by the Women Empowerment Awards Canada.

I am the founder and Head of Products at Productt Manual Academy.

My Journey

With a combined decade of experience in Product and Marketing, my  passion for product management was ignited during my early days in Marketing.


Growing quickly in ranks, from a marketing manager to a team lead in product retention, I discovered that creating products that users love wasn't just about coding and all the other technical attributes that has created that fear factor around product for women especially; It was primarily about understanding user pain points and creating solutions with features, products or services.

Why I Started Productt Manual Academy

As an immigrant who decided to switch careers from Marketing to Product, the  journey to Snr. Product Advisor for a 5K+ employee top innovative org. and leading multiple product projects now seems very fancy but the path here was an eye-opening experience. This is a very intimidating career with little or no support/community!


Even with multiple certifications, traditional education was great at keeping me informed but didn't quite meet the demands of the fast-paced product world, and existing online courses with little or no post certification support often left me missing the most critical soft skills.

That's when I decided to chart a more practical path. Using my already acquired knowledge as a launch pad, I started self teaching, updating, developing  and practically journaled my every action, reaction, results and growth metrics.


Productt Manual Academy  is the result of a tried and tested proven journey map that has been replicated multiple times successfully by various mentees and clients.



What We Offer

We're committed to providing you with the expert knowledge, tools, and critical community support you need to thrive in the dynamic realm of product management. Our courses are designed by industry experts and have been greenlighted by thought leaders, ensuring that you receive the most relevant insights and strategies.

To further this our commitment, we've established an annual scholarship fund totaling CAD5,000 dedicated to supporting less capable women of color. We believe in investing not only in education but also in the potential of every individual, recognizing the importance of diverse voices and perspectives in shaping the future of product management.

Most importantly,  this is not just about learning and getting certified; it's about building a support system to push you to your end goal - bagging the role! 

Join Us on This Exciting Journey!

Whether you're just starting out or still aspiring to become a product manager, together, we can elevate your early-career with essential resources and mostly practical support to gain industry integrity.

Thank you for being a part of the Productt Manual Academy community.


Let's include, support, innovate, and succeed together!


Barbara Arisekola

Founder Productt Manual Academy


Always excited to inspire and be inspired . Let's connect.


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